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When you plan a trip somewhere it is usually because something about the place interests you and draws you there. I love to bring little things from my trip home that I can incorporate into my everyday decor that will bring a smile to my face with the memory of my travels.

Here I will share some of the ways I have used my travels to inspire me and will hopefully inspire you to do the same. As always feel free to share what makes you smile after the planning, travel, and return home.


Lisa Gillaspie

Travel & Interior Design Consultant

Paris Inspired Style

One of the things that I love about traveling is that there is always something new to explore. There is nothing like stepping onto a new street and taking it all in for the first time. I try my best to remember to look never know what you might find. The buildings have so many magnificent details. Interesting little find....the buildings are mostly shades of greys and creams. The doors however will draw your eye in, this is where you find the color. I found that the interior decor was also more colorful in Paris than in Provence or Bordeaux where things were a bit more understated.

In Paris some of my favorite interiors were the Hotel Lobbies. They were small but packed with elegance. The mix of colors and use of Golds & Blacks gave me a new design style to explore! The bold velvet tufted sofas and black and gold tables topped with elaborate floral arrangements. Below you will find some curated collections inspired by my strolls through the streets of Paris.

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Having been on this earth for more than half of a Century…I have lived through black & white television, the days of operator assisted calls, vinyl records, flip phones….and now embracing the age of everything at your fingertips.

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