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When you plan a trip somewhere it is usually because something about the place interests you and draws you there. I love to bring little things from my trip home that I can incorporate into my everyday decor that will bring a smile to my face with the memory of my travels.

There is always an overwhelming urge to want to bring a few extra bags and pack them full. I refrain by packing light and leaving just a bit of room for that special piece or two. I prefer to buy something that I know I have a place for and will help me remember the special moments of the trip. Let's face it, buying something that you would never use or would simply collect dust...makes little sense. 

Some of my favorite purchases are paintings, scarves, small cups & plates. I like to keep them visible so I can remember the feeling of my travels and how they have inspired me to explore the world beyond my front door!

Here I will share some ideas and how to use them once you take them out of your bag!

As always feel free to share what makes you smile after the planning, travel, and return home.


Lisa Gillaspie

Travel & Interior Design Consultant

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Having been on this earth for more than half of a Century…I have lived through black & white television, the days of operator assisted calls, vinyl records, flip phones….and now embracing the age of everything at your fingertips.

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