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French Farmhouse Style Dining

Updated: May 1, 2020

As you walk through the streets of the hilltowns you can feel it. The women walk with a casual elegance looking stylish yet never overdone. They walk briskly without looking rushed, carry on as the rain starts to fall, while the hint of a smile appears when you bid them good day (bonne journée) I have pulled together some dining ensembles that may differ from what you may typically see as Farmhouse....but during my travels through France, I have discovered that a casual home is still a beautifully furnished home. The fabrics and finishes may be worn, soft, and inviting, but there is still a sense of elegance to be found. A touch of gold, silver, velvet, tufting, crystal etc...are expected and distinguish this style from what some might call Shabby Chic.

Enjoy browsing and feel free to comment as I welcome your conversation.....share your interpretation of French Farmhouse....I would love for you to share!!

I am curious, what do you think of when you think of French style? On my first trip to Italy I was convinced that I was in love with all things Italian....and then I went to France.........it was so beautiful everywhere I went. From the train station to the markets, to the shops, and of course the beautiful museums. They take such care in all that they do.....above all it must be belle!! Of course I still love Italy but there is something about French style that draws me in and makes me feel beautiful. I have curated some dining rooms to share with you...I hope you enjoy! I encourage your comments.....I would love to hear what you think or learn about your own French Style rooms!!

When I curate a room, I often start with the rug...this Safavieh Ilusion Cream & Light Blue rug sets the mood for a calming elegant space. This collection reminds me of my walk through Gordes....a town nestled in the hillside so the drive up is a bit daunting but the view is well worth the drive. The buildings were well tended and had lovely grey hues with the most welcoming blue doors scattered throughout.

The Chandelier

adds the touch of luxurious indulgence that is the essence of French decor. This one is by Regina Andrews and I think the frosted crystal beads are yummy. Simple yet elegant to cast a beautiful glow upon the dining table.

This Tristan dining table has a hand scraped patina and invites one to linger. The table is the perfect spot for every day gathering or dressed up with beautiful linens for an elegant gathering of family and friends.

The soft blues & pinks in this Safavieh rug add softness and elegance... ....here the hint of soft blues and pinks will be brought to life with fresh bouquets of Hydrangeas, Tulips, and Garden roses.

The chairs should be comfortable but not oversized, These Claudius Side chairs from Safavieh add that feminine touch that all French Style rooms should have.

A buffet, sideboard, console, or accent chest is a must....the perfect place to hang your favorite paintings, sketches or interesting mirror. On Hookers Fairfax Credenza you can present the French wine you have selected for your guests along with the lovely trays filled with French Cheese, Fresh Bread and other yummy delights!

The lamps to adorn the well placed buffet should be like a piece of jewelry that elevates the style and pulls the look together. Regina Andrews Spire table lamp creates that French Room glow that I love so much.

Between the lamps and above the Buffet this grouping of Botanical prints adds to the feeling of a soft natural palette. The gold frames work well with the lamps finish and grouped as four or six depending on the size of your buffet work well to create a nice vignette.

This collection reminds me of the hills of Bonneaux.....if you have ever read "The Little Paris Bookshop" by Nina George...you will know what I mean. The town is small and sits on a hillside but the light has a rosy glow. This Illusion Rose rug is the perfect backdrop for the eclectic collection. Round tables always seem to provoke conversation don't you think?

The Regina Andrews Maison Chandelier

adds the touch of luxurious indulgence that is the essence of French decor. Simple yet elegant to cast a beautiful glow upon the dining table.

This Sag Harbor dining table can be big or small with a patina that invites one to linger. The table is the perfect spot for every day gathering or dressed up with beautiful linens for an elegant gathering of family and friends.

I welcome the hint of soft lavenders and pinks in this vintage looking Illusions rug....that will be brought to life with fresh bouquets of Tulips, Peonies, and Garden roses.

Macys Breeze chairs have just the right amount of curve to give the room that feminine feel. Not too boxy but comfortable for those luxurious French Meals!!

Floral Prints by Pamela Gladding add just the right amount of color to pull the room together and add that special garden room feel.

This rustic iron lamp by Pacific Coast reminds me of the Door knockers and hinges I admired while walking through the streets of Bordeaux. I love how even the simplest detail such as a keyhole or hinge has an element of beauty.

This interesting little "Eureka" chest by Sam Lawence reminds me of the influence from around the world the French infuse their decor with. They are not afraid to mix it up and elements of beauty from their travels.

In Provence even the markets are extraordinary. This curated collection was inspired by L'Isle sur la Sorgue....where the most spectacular Antique Market is held. If you love French Style for the home you will feel like you are in some sort of heaven on earth. Rows of beautifully displayed items that are begging to be touched but do you dare?! LOL I spent hours here and cannot wait to return.

This Regina Andrews Jute Chandelier

adds the touch of luxurious indulgence that is the essence of French decor. Simple yet elegant to cast a beautiful glow upon the dining table.

Rachel Rays hand scraped dining table is the perfect canvas for your French Dishes, linens or French Potted herbs.

This vintage looking rug by Tommy Bahama with hints of orange, sage, & blue will be brought to life with fresh bouquets of Tulips, Hydrangeas, and Poppies.

Mix and match the chairs from Macys....for the collected vintage look...as long as they are the same hue and style they work together beautifully.

The Regina Andrews Sconces adorn the apothecary chest like a piece of jewelry. The soft lighting they create is the perfect way to add that French Room glow that I love so much.

This Eclectic Italian style Mirror from Uttermose, adds just a bit of whimsy to this collection.

This adorable Annabelle apothecary chest is the perfect place to hang this elegantly framed mirror to give a rustic room a bit of the French essence.

This room is inspired by my visit to Lourmarin....the studio apartment I had the pleasure of staying in called La Cordiére...a welcoming retreat. There was an Art Festival during my stay and It was an incredible experience. the Cave of the castle is where the "Drink & Draw" event was, that I had been invited to by my hostess. I love little moments like this when I travel, they make for the most wonderful memories. The velvet blue chairs and the well placed rug along with the gold and shell chandelier all remind me of this town.......a true Artists hideaway.

This lovely shell chandelier adds the perfect touch of French elegance. I love how it pairs with this rustic dining table to give it the French Farmhouse feel.

This weathered oak soft patina table is the perfect place to gather with family and friends yet is suited well for a smaller affair.

This rug sets the stage to add some rich sky blues to this dining ensemble. Simple yet elegant. Atop a worn wood or stone floor it will add the warmth and subtlety of that French Farmhouse style!

The rich blue velvet chairs remind me of the early evening sky in Bordeaux.....they welcome you for a glass or a cup...whatever your pleasure.

To keep the palette neutral the print has the same hue of deep blue as the chairs and the rug......flanked by the jewel like lamps to remind us that even though the living is casual.....the French essence is to always keep things beautiful.

I love the elegant simplicity this console table adds to the room. The elegant legs add a sense of style and airiness to the room.

This Chandelier has the perfect blend of rustic elegance....casting its soft glow on the washed white table below sets the tone for a more modern French Farmhouse twist.

The colors in this silk and wool rug make me smile. Soft yet fresh, begging to stand on their own but willing to share the stage with a bouquet or two if needed.

These soft pink velvet chairs add a sweet feminine touch to our French Farmhouse Dining....reminding us that adding beauty to the room is a must!

These lamps are sure to cause one to stop and linger...I dare you not to touch the beads of glass

; )

This sturdy white washed buffet gives ample space to serve your family and friends.....plenty of room for your new Bordeaux Wine collection!!

Floral water color prints pull out the spring colors in the rug and give the room a happy feel....let the sun shine in through those welcoming French Doors!

Iron & rustic wood set the stage for the perfect French Farmhouse feel.

The curved lines of this table give the room an elevated French Farmhouse style. Cozy, comfortable, yet sophisticated.

This rug adds the warmth and zest of the citrus so abundant in the French Garden.

Chairs with natural fabric that beckon you to sit for awhile and enjoy the fresh finds from the Market!

Black iron with a hint of gold adds that bit of elegance found even in the simplest of things as you walk the streets of France.

Draped like a French window covering, this buffet can stand alone.....but looks even more ravishing with the gold tipped lamps above.

Nature is art....any French Gardener will tell you that.

If you like what you see, let me know. As an interior designer I am happy to help you create the look in your own home.....just send me an email and we can connect and make it happen for you!

I hope you enjoy my posts and feel welcome to share them with others.....bonne journée!

Lisa Gillaspie


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