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March in Paris

Ok so it is not April....but I grabbed my umbrella, rain boots, rain coat, and my cute little hat..........and hopped on the plane to Paris the other day. Why you might ask......well you see when I got an email saying I could take a non stop flight on Norwegian for under $500 round trip.....I simply could not resist.

I planned the trip quickly using my Google Map tools, Viator, and Trip Advisor and started the adventure with a Food Tour in the Montmarte region. The tour was wonderful and I learned some interesting things about the French culture. Did you know that the French do not put something sweet with their Cheese trays? They are also very passionate about the freshness of the food they eat....you will see many things being sold fresh and people going to the market more than once a day so that their meals have the freshest ingredients.

The tour inspired me to explore and learn more about the area....so my tour of Paris had begun.

Stay tuned for the beautiful Museums I plan to explore and then on to Bordeaux to learn about the Wine....so much wine!

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