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There is nothing more invigorating than stepping out onto a new street in a new place to explore. With fresh eyes, and all of my senses fully engaged I am ready to take on something new, learn, discover, and immerse myself in my new temporary surroundings. One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to discover new favorite things, such as architecture, color palettes, decor ideas, cuisine, etc...

As I plan and prepare for my next travel adventure, I will post them here. It is always nice to get your input on great places to explore and share.  Feel free to comment, offer suggestions, and ask questions as I share. 


Lisa Gillaspie

Travel & Interior Design Consultant

About Me

Having been on this earth for more than half of a Century…I have lived through black & white television, the days of operator assisted calls, vinyl records, flip phones….and now embracing the age of everything at your fingertips.

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