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Welcome to Monalisi,

I love to travel and find things in the world that bring a smile to my face. Seeing somewhere new for the first time engages all of my senses and inspires me to look beyond the ordinary.  Since I can't take it all home LOL I do my best to  capture it through photos and sketches to be shared with family and friends.


Here I will share my exploits, ideas, unique finds, anecdotes and personal favorites. I hope you enjoy some of my shares and I welcome you to join in the conversation…..especially if you have experiences that others would be interested in or find simply amusing. I find it very Therapeutic to laugh at oneself, especially when things are beyond your control.


I hope you enjoy, and some of my posts will bring a smile to your face, make your heart long for something new, and encourage you to explore! I am a Travel & Interior Design Consultant, happy to help you find your next adventure and bring the memories home to enjoy for years to come.


About Me

Having been on this earth for more than half of a Century…I have lived through black & white television, the days of operator assisted calls, vinyl records, flip phones….and now embracing the age of everything at your fingertips.

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